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The BeachPro honeycomb core fins are the basic fins a surfer must have. Due to the material properties (lightness, stiffness and flexibility ratios) you will get so much speed out of your turns that you will be able to show all your best maneuvers.
They are super light, and excellent to get your board up in the air throw out you best tail slides.

You will feel the board really fast out of the turns (because their flex gives you more Drive) but you will feel your board loose enough to air those lips or throw your tail around.


Material used: Fiberglass with a honeycomb core.

Plastics fins just don't cut it.
It is proven that plastic fins are not good for surfing. They are only good for beginners on their first 2-3 weeks because they are more forgiving on the mistakes, and make the surfboard more loose on the turns, less dangerous and less harmful. So if you really want to improve your surfing, take note of what everybody is doing, and get yourself a decent set of fins. You will surf improve your surfing.


SIZES S: Surfers between 45 - 70 kg /  110 -155 Lbs

Fin Dimensions:

Base:  105 cm

Depth: 112 cm

Area: 9152 cm2

Foil: flat


SIZE M: Surfers between 65 - 80 kg /  145 - 175 Lbs

Fin Dimensions:

Base: 112 cm

Depth: 117 cm

Area: 9582 cm2

Foil: flat


SIZE L: Surfers between 75 - 90 kg /  165 - 200 Lbs

Fin Dimensions:

Base: 114 cm

Depth: 121 cm

Area: 9975 cm2

Foil: flat


BEACHPRO surf fins

beachpro surfboard fins

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